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(TFT) English Longbow

Some of the English Longbows drew more than 100 lb.

To simulate the English Longbowman in my campaign, 
I've added more bows and moved the long bow up to 
15 ST.


On Mon, 2013-26-08 at 09:56 -0700, Edward Kroeten wrote:
> The pull on an English Longbow was certainly greater than 45 lbs, there are
> numerous accounts of arrows not just penetrating the front of the heavy plate
> armor but coming out through the back as well.  There is no way to dodge that
> even at 50 yards plus the arrow would as you say just appear in the target.
>  Dodging in TFT is as you describe jukes, ducking and erratic movements not
> jumping out of the way once the arrow is in flight.
>    Edward Kroeten
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