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Re: (TFT) Man To Man & GURPS

> Gents,
> I think we agree on the points that SJ wrote Melee / Wizard as a
> "reaction"
> to things he didn't like in D&D.  As my patent lawyer pointed out, all

I don't really agree with that at all. One thing you're not taking into
account is Steve's experiences in the SCA (though how both TFT and the
original Runequest could both evolve from that continues to evade me).

I may have only met him a time or two, but a bunch of my Austin friends
from when I lived there worked for him at one time or another, and that
wasn't their opinion, either. Nor do I recall seeing anything that would
indicate that those rules were a reaction to anything. Well, OK, GURPS was
a reaction to not being able to buy TFT.

Neil Gilmore

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