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(TFT) The lost weekend

No, not the movie with Ray Milland, but my weekend with the Ogre
Designer's Edition.

The counters took me 7 hours to punch and assemble!  Then my OCD kicked in
and I spent some time trying to find the best way of arranging the counters
in the box, culminating in my finding a set of dividers online, which meant
that I was off to Staples to get some card stock and a laser-guided paper
cutter.  (To be fair, my girlfriend is an artist who uses a paper cutter a
lot and had previously mentioned her desire for a new one, so it wasn't a
one-off thing, but frikkin' lasers on a paper cutter!  Science!!)

By Sunday I was able to start playing some solo scenarios to re-acquaint
myself with the rules.  I've played 3 times now with the Ogre winning each

Back in 1977 when I first got Ogre, I played it so many times with the
tiny chits and maps, I thought a few times it'd be nice to have a bigger
set, but this is mindblowing.

I gave my son one of the pocket editions I bought a week or two back,
when he's back down we can have a massive tankfest!  Who knew 35 years later
these Metagaming titles would still be a big part of my gaming?

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