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Re: (TFT) More Weapons, and variable strength

I'm with Neil, mostly. (Cool Shield Wall Talent!)

I think that damage should scale with ST... in theory... but that one should try to be aware of the effects on gameplay of any house rules. It doesn't take much to throw TFT balance off quite a bit, as it's balanced by single point values.

(BTW, I like the GURPS damage system, but then, I like the rest of GURPS too, and most TFT players seem to be playing TFT because they prefer the simplicity.)

I'd note that Metagaming (Howard Thompson not Steve Jackson) published a crude optional rule for sliding damage by ST in the Codex, which lists a "Special Sword" that scales with ST. This makes sense but our group never made any sense of what it was really suggesting in the scope of a game with other weapons. But it shows that even HT liked the general idea, but failed to provide a solution that would do a good balanced job of giving an effect of ST as well as of the weapon used, without causing imbalance or weird nonsense ("special sword"? WTH?).

If I were to try to make a TFT house rule, it might simply be +1 damage rank for every 2 ST you have over the weapon's MinST, or something. That is at least consistent with the -1 per 2 ST under the MinST.

I would also use something like the active defense rules we were using in the Thail PBEM campaign, minus the super-elite defense master talents which seemed overpowered unless you _want_ a tiered uberness effect.


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