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Re: (TFT) More Weapons, and variable strength

My thoughts on very strong figures being able to use weapons better:

In my campaign, if you are 1 ST higher than a weapon you do +1 damage.
If you are 2 ST higher than that, you do +2 damage.
If you are 3 ST higher than that, you do +3 damage, etc.

So the key numbers are:

Than 			Damage 
Needed:			Bonus:

0				+0
1				+1
3				+2
6				+3
10				+4
15				+5
21				+6
28				+7, etc.

This is of course an arithmetic series.

Basically, if you are a bit stronger, it helps, but soon you should upgrade to
a bigger and better sword.  However, you do feel like you get a bit of a bonus
if you are significantly stronger than the minimum needed for a weapon.

If you have a cool sword which you inherited from your grandfather, you can
keep using it.  But as your ST improves, you get less and less of a bonus to
the damage.

This system does not unbalance the game at all, I have used it for many 
years.  It does mean you must give minimum ST values to things like daggers.

Warm regards, Rick.
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