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(TFT) Naginatas

At 03:55 PM 2/11/2015, David wrote:
Realistically, if naginata were that good everybody would copy them and
they wouldn't be exotic for long.

Historically, naginatas were used as a mainstream military polearm. They're at least as powerful as a katana, which is comparable to a fine bastard sword, and are quite capable of impaling/thrusting attacks. I don't think nerfing them down to 1+1 with no charge damage bonus makes much sense. I also don't think requiring an extra talent for them makes much sense _unless_ you are giving them some sort of bonus, and so I don't see a problem for TFT: I take it as a specialized weapon art that uses a particular weapon and trades study for more-efficient-than-normal damage, while not being more deadly than a heavier ordinary polearm, so I don't see it as a real balance issue.

I'd suggest that it opens the door to other specialized weapon talents that require similar training requirements, focus on one weapon, and give essentially a +1 something to a single weapon that isn't otherwise the best weapon of it's general type. (i.e. it might be somewhat more of a balance issue if it applied to a ST 15-16 weapon that can be made very fine, (and more so with Rick's +3 damage for 2-handers) though then again, maybe not).

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