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Re: (TFT) new development Heroes and Other Worlds. interesting port of Mel/Wiz

Hmm. On first browse, it appears to be Melee & Wizard in one book, with art and diagrams mostly copied from Melee, Wizard, and a bit of art from the full books (AM, AW and/or ITL) almost verbatim but with a few minor details different, and a little added stuff that's ok for reference but very sparse - i.e. sample monsters/historical fighters listed as stat lines. A bit of new (?) art. Measurements in feet rather than meters. A tiny bit of AM content (great sword, trident, warhammer, quarterstaff, staff of power, tower shield).

A tiny bit of new ideas. I noticed Quarterstaff offers disarming at -4DX (!), longbow nerfed to 1d+1, small axe called a war axe and robbed of throwing ability, a few new not-really-explained bestiary entires,

Usable enough if someone really can't find a copy of the actual book. But if you're going to copy the rule text and some art, I'm not sure how this is any less of a Copyright violation than just distributing a PDF of the full book. Maybe it's an attempt at fair use? Also there are some inconsistencies introduced, and a few details are left out, such as:

Minor nitpicks: Unconsciousness at ST 0, death at ST -1 instead of 1 and 0. Spear in example does 1d+2, but on weapon table does 1d+1. HT version of polearm rules. I think the wording of the body and pit obstacle rules may have drifted a bit. Dwarves get MA 8 but no axe bonus, so they're just short humans with a ST bias. Bestiary doesn't show how many hexes the big monsters are (let alone the hex shape/facing, which is vital), and doesn't explain the equipment of the human entries, nor breath vs claw damage for dragons. DX adjustment list contradicts armor table for plate armor.

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