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(TFT) Et tu google?

Got a weird result from google on the Brayna site and ended up pulling
cashe copies of what I didn't have (the slave link to gameforge is out
I believe) only to find a full site this evening... having seen a few
sites poof on Me over the ages I guess I got froggy but I'm starting
tor think dark thoughts about not so many years hence and that's sad
because that's pretty pitiful and makes Me glad I went Sol design to
keep the base system fully pen and paper nutty as that is. Plan for
the worst hope for the best I guess. If it's not football or a
carddashalien cultist it's really not important to bother with anyway.
Wellllll that's not entirely true. Katy Perry's computer might be
autotuning a new album. My people are "*" to quote Vonnegut because I
dig that quote and it's certainly on the noisey. Said-a-GIVE?!? The
long term effects of a daily Breakfast of Champions seem to include
the kindda dain bramage Momma can't Gump off the short bus for us.
Meh, it's well earned and My fault for letting it get so bad... I
don't mess with kids. Parents are too dangerous these days and I weigh
the same as a duck so I honk like a goose and expect to be Mr
Creasote's pate pdq ergo My wafer thin excuse for the miss on the
three R retrograde with everybody falling to Mississippi standards
rather than raise up Mississippi which was a much more daunting task
to consider than just dumbing down to the lowest common denom because
healthy, educated, confident citizens start thinking they are human
beings the same as a member of the investor class and then the whole
"let's sleep where We poop so I can be King of everyone" just falls
apart and it's back to equality and work and little control to make
others bend to ones whims... basically horrific chaos and doom ending
the world and all existence for the elite class which is the important
thing after all...
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