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(TFT) Wow

When I first started reading the most recent emails I thought wow that see
,s kind of harsh. But then I scrolled down and read the full rant by Jay
, and thought the posts were more appropriate. I have been a member of th
e web ring for years, but have not paid close attention for some time due
 to some health issues and moving, I used to really enjoy reading all the
 posts and keeping up with a game that was such a huge part of my childhood
. A game i have passed along to my children, and in several years to my f
irst grandchild born recently.

In the past I have read many emails from Jay and as far as I remember I fou
nd them helpful and didn't pay much attention to grammar or structure. I ho
pe that Jay is reading these responses and taking them to heart, so that 
the web ring can stay pure and focused on TFT and related materials, with
out becoming a facebook like site that lends itself entirely to drama and o

Jay, as someone who hopes you continue to contribute in a meaningful way
, I would like to extend an offer to you to email me personally if you ju
st need to talk, or get something off your chest. Because of the health r
easons I mentioned, I have the time, and would be more than happy to tr
y and be a friend.

Now let's roll some dice and let the games begin. Business is way down in m
y wizard's shoppe because both of my sons are currently working out of town
 and can't come over to play.



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