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Re: (TFT) New file on Farming in TFT.

I'm glad you posted this, as I'm working on systems stuff including farming.

Now I'm going nuts looking for my own farming stats.

In one case I had a baseline for average medieval yield at three acres to support one person, so 1.21 hectares per person, which is even less optimistic, but without my notes, that might not all be farm land, just more of an overall land use estimate, including waste, wilds, fallow, unused, losses, etc.


At 07:10 PM 8/26/2015, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:
...  Just glancing through the internet, for example, the absolute minimu
m of land to feed a person for a year is about 7500 square feet -- that's a
 plot 75x100 feet -- and that is roughly what the Japanese achieved in the
medieval period through a combination of intensive agriculture, and extreme
 good fortune in terms of soils and weather to support rice growing.Â
And that works out to about 0.07 hectares per individual (or an average pop
ulation density of 3700 per square mile).  If we assume that for TFT m
agical support was used, this might be possible for a wider area.  How
ever the FAO states that, on average, it takes about half a hectare to supp
ort a single person (including a diversified modern diet of meat and vegeta
bles, fruit and grains).  So I don't know what would be the acceptable

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