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Re: (TFT) New file on Healing Spells in TFT.

Hi Peter, 
  Thanks for the kind words.  

  You do get a bonus for resting, but it is small.  The purpose of the spells is
to allow you to continue the adventures WITHOUT having to rest.

  I have stopped trying to list the effects of critical successes and failures 
for every spell - it just takes too much space.  In my campaign, the GM 
decides what happens if you roll a double or triple or get a critical failure.
Altho, saying the spell can't be recast is perfectly fair and makes sense.

  If the spell does not succeed on the second day, you get the healing for
the first day.  If it was a half point I would round up or down depending on 
how easy the wounded person took things.  If he was out adventuring, I
would not give him the point, if he was resting, certainly.

  You table of healing is very nice!  Certainly clearer than how I worded
it.  However, the advantage of my method is it works for all races no 
matter what rate they heal at.  I'm debating putting your info into the
spells anyway tho (as an example) since human healing is how the 
players will use it 98% of the time.

  Warm regards, Rick.

On 2015-08-29, at 12:09 PM, Peter von Kleinsmid wrote:

> These are pretty nice, which I say even though I like the lack of healing spells in TFT.
> I like that they don't do the D&D "heal during combat!" or even "between combats!" thing.
> I think though that I'd like to see bed rest still be effective, because it's a major difference in what you can do to be marching around or resting. So reducing the resting healing rate to even slower than 1 per 2 days for most versions when using this spell, makes resting have little effect, which I don't like. I'd probably keep the full effect of rest on top of the spell effect, or even possibly have some other healing magic which does require (or work much better) when resting, because I like that dilemma of restricting actions to heal faster.
> Also I didn't see what happens if the caster misses the second day's roll, or if there are crit fail/success results, or what happens if the spell doesn't get cast for the second day, or if you are using Lesser Healing or better, do you get half the effect healed the first day, or do you need to wait for the second? And, when exactly does the healing happen, for situations where we're tracking events by hours throughout the day?
> I'd tend to think it'd take effect 24 hours after each casting. Maybe even measure it in healing days, to avoid the "second day casting" complications. For example, normal bed rest gives one healing day per day. The equivalent would then be:
> Minor: one healing day per casting, 24 hours after cast, max one spell in effect per person.
> Lesser: two healing days per casting, one after 12 hours, one after 24 hours.
> Basic: three healing days per casting, one per 8 hours for 24 hours.
> Greater: four healing days per casting, one per 6 hours for 24 hours.
> Regenerative: five healing days per casting, one per 5 hours for 20 hours, then another at 24 hours.
> So track days of rest, and each time someone gets to two, they trade them for 1 point of healing.
> Failures mean no one can successfully try again on the patient for 24 hours.
> Maybe have a crit success count as a one-level-higher spell (with crit Regenerative being 6, one per 4 hours), and crit fail inflicting a point of damage.
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