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Re: (TFT) New file on Healing Spells in TFT.

General thought on healing (haven't read your rules yet):

Having the party stop dead for days to heal isn't usually that big a
problem, because the game just switches to fast forward. It's a much bigger
game problem if one character needs to stop to heal and the rest of the
party are still capable and desirous of adventuring. That's probably the
situation healing spells should try to prevent. So it's probably best if
healing magic can be focused on the person who needs it, rather than
providing a general improvement for everyone in the party in parallel.

It's also worth asking yourself whether you want healing magic to be a
must-have for adventuring parties, the way clerics were in D&D until a
couple of editions ago. I'm guessing the answer is yes.

Magicians already do so much in TFT that giving them the healing role as
well seems excessive. I wonder if players should be forced to choose, not
between heroes and wizards, but between heroes and several kinds of wizards.


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