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Re: (TFT) New file on Healing Spells in TFT.

Another option would be to expand the possibilities available to the other 
players while the injured ones healed.  We did this by reworking the o
ld "Down With the King" prestige tables into "downtime activity tables."�� Players could choose to roll on them instead of acquiring a job or cond
ucting training (we got the idea originally from the old "Swashbuckler" gam
e, where characters could choose different down-time activities and ran ris
ks and got rewards depending to a certain amount of luck, and really liked 
the various prestige tables that DWTK had to provide more activities).�� Optionally, if the character opted for something like "attend a royal b
all" (which they needed to have an invitation for), then the players (often
,even the injured ones) could role-play that as an activity instead of goin
g adventuring.  It gave lots of opportunities for intrigue, duels and 
other sorts of chicanery from time to time.
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 Subject: Re: (TFT) New file on Healing Spells in TFT.

A minor issue with the healing rules:

​ ​
If this spell is cast on a figure within 5 minutes of that person being
​ ​
this spell
​ ​
will heal 2 extra points of damage.

It's ambiguous whether this happens instantly, or over the course of two


> To allow some low IQ and very high IQ spells to be entered into the spell

I once wrote up IQ 7 spells like
​ ​
Summon Rats
for prootwaddle wizards.


More seriously, philosophical issues:

It seems lo me that the TFT paradigm is something like
* everyone goes out and has an adventure
* one or more is severely wounded
* everyone retreats to a safe place
* the wounded member(s) are then tied up at home for a considerable period,
perhaps weeks.
* the other members of the party have various choices at this point
(adventure with a replacement character, adventure without, get a job,
etc.) but none of them is ideal
(These issues can be solved by healing potions but that's usually
economically infeasible.)

It seems to me that the main purpose of introducing healing magic should be
to change this paradigm to something that players and GMs think is better
(more entertaining, more adaptable to telling stories, whatever). In his
healing rules, Rick writes:

​ ​
To speed healing after combat and allow slightly wounded figures to keep on

The actual impact of Rick's healing rules would seem to be to change the
paradigm in quite a modest way: the period for which wounded characters are
tied up is reduced. How much depends on wizard IQ but typically it might be
​ ​
It doesn't really help people to keep going, except perhaps at IQ 19.

Now there's probably someone who thinks this is a really important change
that makes the game much better. But it's not obvious to me why. Rather, it
seems like the roleplaying issues are much the same as before.
​ ​
Players still need top think about "What will we do while Tritum recovers
from his injuries?"

I'm not sure what paradigm I'd prefer but this one leaves me wondering why.
They aren't bad rules, but
I think, tentatively, that
​ ​
they're a solution looking for a problem.
​ I don't really know what Rick's trying to do here.​


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