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Re: (TFT) XP for gold

On Tue, 1 Sep 2015, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:

I really liked the Dark City Games method of using experience to buy
skills, spells or attributes, so have pretty much stuck with that
since I first ran across it a few years back.

Yeah, that is a nice tweak.

And since using their system also gives "levels" to skills or spells,
that means the whole resource management issue of how to spend XP
becomes much more complex and satisfying to them (as well as allowing
much more finely tuned characters).

You can download the rules from the DCG web site for free, and they
are also included at the front of every DCG microquest.

I have them downloaded! They were my first exposure to TFT, before I
got hold of ITL/AMelee/AWizard for a good price recently.


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