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Re: (TFT) using exp to improve talents.

Every time I've tried some scheme where individual talents can be
improved, rather than a stat, it hasn't worked out well. But then, I'm
also pretty conservative on how my EP gets given out, too.

My world relies a lot on temporal power, rather than personal power. So EP
for gold is out. Gold is its own leverage.

Also recall that one of the things I like about TFT is that you can't play
your character by the numbers -- there are too few of them. And I prefer
it that way. All this jazz that seems to get introduced here always seems
to be about adding more numbers so that people can play the numbers
instead of the character. But that's just my opinion. If everyone is
having a good time, then it's the right solution.

And I use the aging rules. So you're just not going to end up with
behemoth characters anyway. But you can end up with rich characters who
have a lot of power regardless of how they'd do in a duel. That's a fun
way to play, too.

This discussion reminds me of one (failed) experiments I did back when
with attacks and damage. Let's see if I remember it well enough to
describe, though it's probably in the list archives.

I reasoned that an average roll on a d6 is 3.5. So D6 + 3 is an average of
6.5, which is slightly less than the average of 2D6 which is 7. But the
spread is 4 to 9, instead of 2 to 12. Higher min, lower max, slightly less
average. How about 3 dice vs. 2? That would be 3D6 - 3, average 7.5, min
0, max 15.

So what do you want? A mostly known minimum, or possibility to a bigger
maximum. There's times for each.

So I allowed the player to change how many dice for damage on that basis.
Drop a die and add +3. Add a die, and it's -3. Go down to 0 dice if you
want. Don't add more than you started with. If you want to add more, spend
a ST in fatigue.

And I did the same with DX.

And I allowed a player to expend fatigue ST to do the same to the opponent.

In the end, it just didn't change things enough to matter unless both
characters were pretty powerful, at which point it became a chess game. I
may have also allowed the use of ST fatigue to bump up shield protection,
but I can't remember now.

Neil Gilmore

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