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Re: (TFT) Rick's revised weapons are up on the website.

Hey Rick,

That's looking pretty awesome!

I like most of what you've done there. I will probably go over it with a fine tooth comb and possibly send you a bunch of things to consider, but mainly yeah, cool. I especially like the general boost for 2-handed weapons, and the different damage spread for impaling versus cutting/bashing weapons, and of course the added toys.

Some input:

* I usually think of a "glaive" as a polearm but you have it as "glave" so I'm not sure what you're describing there.
* TFT fencing swords were always kind of odd like just wimpy swords. Did you try giving them the impaling-type damage numbers?
* Seems to be missing the Advanced Melee Pike, and pikes that could be used in phalanx. Seems to me the rear-occupied penalty might only apply if you have to change facing, and if pikes could be used to jab, then they'd work in phalanx. (Not that I've often seen a TFT phalanx, but for completeness.)
* Looks like you have room to add ST 16 and ST 17 2-handed axes, if you wanted to.
* The Mace Lobby may be sad to lose throwability.

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