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Re: (TFT) Rewrite of Melee simulator in JavaScript

At 05:03 PM 10/15/2015, you wrote:
As far as defending, there could be bugs in the simulator. I look at the
details of the case that you mention.

Yep. It only rolls three dice:

069:ST12;DX12;BROADSWORD;NO_ARMOR;SMALL_SHIELD is defending this turn because attacker is charging with pole weapon. Logger.js:14:22 069:ST12;DX12;BROADSWORD;NO_ARMOR;SMALL_SHIELD (adjDx = 12) attacks before 086:ST13;DX11;HALBERD;LEATHER;NO_SHIELD (adjDx = 9) Logger.js:14:22
069:ST12;DX12;BROADSWORD;NO_ARMOR;SMALL_SHIELD is defending. Logger.js:14:22
Rolling 4 dice...
Die roll: 2
Die roll: 1
Die roll: 2
Charging with pole weapon. Logger.js:14:22
086:ST13;DX11;HALBERD;LEATHER;NO_SHIELD rolling to hit. Rolled 6 and adjDex is 9 Logger.js:14:22

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