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Re: (TFT) Melee tournament Champion of Champions FINAL ROUND

That was a lot of fun to read. The commentators cracked me up more than once!

I liked the subtle remark about shortswords versus maces, LOL.

I used to do that sort of thing, but two gladiators at a time, with map and dice.

Of course, I am interested in a rematch without the "fine quality" 1d+2 spear, with a "proper" AM 2d halberd, and with polearms going first in charges, and the +4 to hit people who haven't got up yet after being knocked down. I'm guessing Nudems the Halberdier will make more of an impact. I'm curious with those adjustments how the spear and halberd rank.

So far, the results with these rules don't make pole weapons seem so great, especially if you denied the fine spear.

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