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Re: (TFT) Melee tournament Champion of Champions FINAL ROUND



       Something is rotten in Denmark, a spearman against a short sword a
nd small shield should end up being more often a dead spearman.  Best cas
e the spearman gets the charge attack 50% of the time, but a savvy tactic
al short swordsman can reduce that well below 50%. 




       On the Melee board the short swordsman should never start a turn w
ithin 5 hexes if he can avoid it.  If the swordsman wins initiative when 
he is outside 5 hexes he has a 0% chance of being charged and an excellen
t chance of being engaged on the following turn.  He may have to accept o
ne round of non charge damage, this is acceptable as his weapon has super
ior damage and he stops on hit with his shield  




       Or if he loses initiative then the spearman most likely will make 
him move first.  With a little planning he can make sure he ends up at le
ast 5 hexes away (not getting trapped in a corner), thus still avoiding c
harging damage.  If the spearman moves first and ends up less than 10 hex
es away run up against a side hex so as not to accept the 2X damage.  If 
that is not possible start the process over.



       The only time a spearman can land charge damage is he wins the ini
tiative within 5 hexes, which should be well less than 33% of any round p



       Outside of charging the average damage done by a spearman will be 
4 [(1D+2)-1 for small shield)] which will not cause a -2 shift to DX (onl
y a 33% chance of a -2DX).  As where a Short Sword is 6 which will cause 
the -2 (58% of the time).  Also outside of double or triple damage the sp
earman has a 0% chance of a knockdown as where the sword has an 16% chanc
e.   This means that in an even exchange in one round that the following 
round ends with swordsman at DX 13 and spear at 11 and an 83% chance of h
itting which should kill the spearman before his chance to reply. 




       I think somewhere in the simulation that there was not enough danc
ing by the non spearmen.  Staying away from them and then closing.  The o
nly advantage the spearman has is the charge which the risk of can and sh
ould be avoided as much as possible.












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           That was a lot of fun to read. The commentators cracked me up 
more than once!

             I liked the subtle remark about shortswords versus maces, LO

             I used to do that sort of thing, but two gladiators at a tim
e, with
             map and dice.

             Of course, I am interested in a rematch without the "fine qu
             1d+2 spear, with a "proper" AM 2d halberd, and with polearms
             first in charges, and the +4 to hit people who haven't got u
p yet
             after being knocked down. I'm guessing Nudems the Halberdier
             make more of an impact. I'm curious with those adjustments h
ow the
             spear and halberd rank.

             So far, the results with these rules don't make pole weapons
 seem so
             great, especially if you denied the fine spear.

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