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Re: (TFT) Spear vs. Shortsword maneuvers

It worked when I was trying it yesterday, per the moves I detailed a few times. Spear seems to be able to move so he can either win initiative and charge, or only get engaged in a non-charge when sword moved over half MA, meaning there is no need for a DX roll because sword moved to far to attack, so spear can safely disengage.

Also, I realize now that I entirely forgot about forced retreats, which aren't in the simulator. If spear hits and sword misses, spear retreats sword and then could win initiative and charge again.

So I think it's 75% charge with same DX and MA 10 on both sides.
100% if the pole user has higher DX and MA 10 on both sides.
Plus more charges (at 50%/100% depending on DX) whenever spear can force a retreat.


At 11:52 PM 10/19/2015, Edward kroeten wrote:

Again that doesn't work against short sword they have equal dx.  Also if you knock someone down you finish them the next round.  Multiple charges in the arena? Not likely. Play a couple battles an you will find that spear will not have greater than 50% charges.

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I think it's 75%, but I'd say it's reasonable to have it 100% with
the option to have it happen or not.

It's possible for it to happen again, too, in a real fight, since
disengagement or falling down can give the chance to charge again.
Falling could be coded in, but disengagement is sort of a judgement
call... well, actually, I guess if the pole-user has higher DX than
the non-pole-user, it makes sense for them to disengage after a
charge and hope to win initiative to get another charge in... Hmm,
actually, in 1 vs 1 combat on an open map with no helpful obstacles,
my sleepy head is thinking there's no way (other than shield rush,
HTH, or knocking him down with damage) to force a normal engagement
on a pole user who has higher DX, since he can disengage before you
attack him in a non-charge engagement. So maybe it actually becomes
100% if the pole user has higher adj DX.

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