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Re: (TFT) Spear vs. Shortsword maneuvers

I have always felt that the issue was with the nomenclature of the word 
"charge". It sets up a precedent in your mind that the physics is off 
and that you've got to build up speed in a run, or "charge" to get the 
extra damage.

I prefer the word "lunge". The way I see it is that you about 5 feet 
from your opponent (in game terms one hex away), and you throw your body 
weight behind a sudden forward lunge. All of that force behind the lunge 
is concentrated on a small, sharp point which can now penetrate chain 
mail, slide off of plate and find a joint to penetrate, or simply punch 
through leather.

Once past the armor your victim is then impaled on basically a long 
spike and takes a very nasty, deep, puncture wound that plays havoc with 
his internal organs, which to me warrants the extra damage.

As many of you know I always felt that it was the doubling of the 
damage, especially in the two larger pole arms, that was the real 
problem. That's why our group came up with the +1d6, rather than the 
doubling. It keeps the smaller pole arms basically as written, while 
having the added bonus of making the two larger ones slightly less 
devastating. If you start adding in rules such as moving 3 hexes in a 
straight line then you give up some of the chess like, strategy elements 
that the game has. For example I want to move first so that I can back 
away from a fallen foe and lunge at him again, before he stands up. That 
kinda thing.

David O. Miller
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On Oct 20, 2015, at 4:28 PM, "Edward Kroeten" 
<ekroeten@farmersagent.com> wrote:

> Okay sorry about that I just checked my rule book and we had made the 
> nge to three hexes as a house rule.  The reason was that the physics 
> don't work if I rush from 4 feet away I haven't generated enough 
> You simply can't build up to the speed in that amount of space even 
> a sharp stick. 
> In that case the only time you would not get the charge is where sword 
> ot initiative from outside 5 hexes,  had spear move first then ran to 
a s
> ide hex (certainly possible but not guaranteed), and then on the next 
> tiative roll sword also wins and shifts into the front hexes making 
> engaged and unable to charge.  If using these rules it makes avoiding 
> charge very difficult.
> Again I have always used 3 hexes in the general direction (no straight 
> ex line limit) for charges so getting within 3 hexes negated the 
charge o
> r hitting (actual damage) them from the side or rear (another house 
> to avoid the unrealistic reactions).
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>     In Advanced Melee anyway, if two figures start out not adjacent, 
> if they start adjacent but one figure moves away and back (even only 
> hex) then it is a Charge Attack situation.
>       Advanced Melee also specifically says that a pole-weapon user 
> ged from behind, if he hasn't moved yet that turn, can just change 
> and get the +2DX double damage charge defense. Best sword can do is 
> charge himself, so spear doesn't get the +2DX. See Advanced Melee page 
> , right column.
>       So in Advanced Melee, there's no way to maneuver around a charge 
> ituation even by winning initiative twice in a row in a one-on-one 
> In Advanced Melee, it'll be a charge 100% of the time.
>       It's not quite as explicit in plain Melee, but it seems to me 
> is likely SJ's original intent there, too.
>       --- jlv61560@yahoo.com wrote:
>       I don't think a spear gets a charge if he's actually engaged.  
> d ha
>       ve to disengage first and get some distance.
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