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Re: (TFT) Realism and ideal realism in TFT

For pole weapons and retreats and disengagement, yes it's a nerf, as you wrote.

Except I don't follow "if he wins, I have to be faster than him". It doesn't look to me like the rules have initiative or speed matter, unless the 3-hex charge rule is used, since a charge is simply going from unadjacent to adjacent, regardless of facing before the action phase. Of course, it's easy I think or decide that it should matter, and play that way if we choose... though I'm still not sure what you mean by "faster" having an effect "if he wins (initiative)".

Note too that the 3-hex charge can be done after a retreat/disengage with only 5 hexes' movement, since you start that turn 2 away already, so you back up to and run in 3. Unless you don't have MA 10+... which is a polearm nerf for people with lower MA...

And ya forcing straight-line to mean using the hex spine would be silly. I'd suggest if people can't eyeball it, to use a pencil and require the last three hexes to be able to all contain the same straight pencil.


--- davidomiller@verizon.net wrote:
... Looking at the larger set of rules does't this nerf force retreats?

... If I can do a 1 hex charge 
then forcing an opponent to retreat back 1 hex at the end of a turn is a 
viable tactic. Of course I have to either win initiative to lunge at him 
again, or, if he wins, I have to be faster than him. But in the end 
Force Retreats, 1 hex Charge/Lunges, Engagement/Disengagement rules, 
they all work together to make a coherent set of rules.

However, if to make a charge I have to step back 3 hexes, then run back 
in 3 hexes, it's most likely going to take me more than one turn to set 
up, especially if I have to do it in a straight line down one of the six 
hex spines (which brings up all sorts of silly positioning of figures, 
and in some cases you won't even be able to charge a figure that's 3 
hexes away). So, if I disengaged I give my opponent plenty of 
opportunity to simply move away. So why would I do that? It starts to 
promote the charge up and then stand still while hacking at each other. 

I mentioned that TFT is like a mini chess game and I still firmly belief 
that. Not so much in a one-on-one battle. But when you have 5-6 PCs vs 
10 goblins in really starts to get very tactical. It's one of the things 
I love most about the system. 

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