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Re: (TFT) Ideal realism in TFT weapon tables

Rick like this weapon chart I will think about adopting it.
















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   Received: 12:59 PM PDT, 10/21/2015
   From: Rick Smith <rick_ww@lightspeed.ca>
   To: tft@brainiac.com
   Subject: (TFT) Ideal realism in TFT weapon tables




     Hi Jeff,
       You did miss it. It can be found here...


       (You will have to click on a link to go to the download page.)

       Note to people who looked at it before, this version has had a few
 typos fixed
       and the one handed Mace now can be thrown.

       I wish all of my design ideas were so clean. I treasure an idea li
       this when I can find it.

       Warm regards, Rick.


       On 2015-10-21, at 11:19 AM, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:
       > Rick,
       > That's an interesting approach to cutting/bludgeoning versus imp
aling dam.
       > I've been trying to work out a way to do that without going full
       > GURPS, and it seems like your solution has the advantages of bei
ng both
       > simple and self-evident. In a word, "brilliant!" ;-)
       > Have you posted those tables anywhere? (Keep in mind, I've been 
       > a lot of computer trouble the past month or so with Hughesnet, s
o even if
       > you posted them recently, I might have completely missed it!) I 
       > LOVE to look them over in detail.

       > As an adjunct to your story; I took fencing in college. Going in
, the
       > class' attitude was "a sword is a sword is a sword." After a sin
       > sabre bout, I can painfully assure you that there is a HUGE diff
erence betw
       > een an epee and a sabre, & their tactics are accordingly going t
o be radi
       > cally different. Now picture just how different the tactics used
 by a
       > n axeman, maceman and spearman would be from any swordsman's sty
le & you
       > begin to see why different weapons SHOULD work differently!
       > On the other hand, we can't go too far down that road, because i
f we do, we
       > stopped playing TFT and started playing 5th Edition or something
. So
       > again, I'd really like to see a copy of your weapon tables! ;-)
       > From: Rick Smith <rick_ww@lightspeed.ca>
       > To: tft@brainiac.com
       > Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 2:02 AM
       > Subject: (TFT) Realism and ideal realism in TFT
       > Hi everyone, David.
       > I agree with your argument completely. A bunch of my rules are
       > there
       > because they 'feel' more real to me, e.g. DX penalties for long 
       > weapon users when their user's back is obstructed. I increased t
       > strength of the long bow to ST 15, because from my readings of t
       > English Long Bow, I understand that it required a very large amo
unt of ST
       > to use properly. The arguments that bows could be learned relati
       > quickly but the English Long Bow requires years of practice make
       > sense then. It takes years to build up that massive amount of up
       > body strength.
       > The things I feel happiest with are when I can make something
       > more realistic with no increase in complexity. For example, shou
       > some missile weapon do 1d+4 dice damage or 3d-3 damage?
       > One does an average of 7.5 points.
       > The second does average damage of 7.5 points. No difference..
       > However, I've adjusted the weapon tables so that impaling weapon
       > do X dice minus Y, where as cutting weapons and massive impact
       > weapons tend to do X dice plus Y.
       > Thus with NO special rules, my impaling weapons tend to have a
       > high standard deviation to damage. (Especially if the target 
has some
       > armor.) They might do a little or they might do a lot of damage.

       > GURPS
       > system is more realistic. But it is more complex. After the hit
       > is made and
       > damage is done, you calculate the amount of damage that get's th
ru the
       > armor and then you double the adjusted damage for impaling weapo
       > (Note that in GURPS, impaling weapons tend to do less damage, so

       > they are more often stopped by armor. Thus they have high varian
       > of damage, especially if they against armor....)
       > My rules are less complex and faster, but the key thing is that 
       > capture an idea with no mechanics. All that has to be done, is t
       > those who design new weapons apply the same system.


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