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(TFT) Double damage charge attacks with a shift ?!?

Hi David,

I didn't think of the case where you can shift and charge attack.
That also is a change I didn't mention in my discussion.

However, I NEVER liked the idea that an in combat shift could
give you a double damage attack, so the change felt like an 
improvement for me.

Warm regards, Rick.

On 2015-10-21, at 11:26 AM, David O. Miller wrote:
> ...
> This also brings up the shift one hex while engaged and do bonus pole 
> weapon damage tactic. The three hex charge house ruling negates that 
> tactic as well. In TFT I can lunge around an opponent to strike at 
> another opponent to cause impaling damage.
> However, if you go with the 3 hex charge in a straight row, or even in 
> some strange looping pattern, then it cascades throughout the game as a 
> whole and you've stopped the shift one hex charge as well.

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