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Re: (TFT) Animated TFT Battles

Can it do football?
A turring test I use to feel out flow.
5 second turns are awkward from a game view where the roll to hit
feels like a specific swing even though it's undefined injury hp's and
it's hard to make that clear which is important as the gametools are
about detailing so players aren't in different realms with abstract
terms imaginatively speaking. Players need to agree on visualization
in a shared creative experience or the different ideas of what
fireball is can make for messy oops when the difference pops up four
sessions into play and NOW find it's a baseball not AD&D PH flash fire
of fumes filling lots more volume.
I also added athletics and got rid of abstract injury counting fatigue
in hp and have 1 second phase turns so literally mean football but I'm
Me and ditched GM's in favor of setting up objective sandbox environs
that can't have player above all other players plop nether region poop
at will into play instead striving for a design anytime but in play
attempt at objectivity elseif I'd box My personality and push that
instead of trying to make a game. Call it D&D but it's not the same
thing if everybody plays so different that houserules define a
specific table set up to whatever format quarter inch graph here 5 sq
per inch there and papertape movement the other. My designs should fit
all tables playing said game elseif top of the table is basically
nerfed into decoration rather than encouraged and collected for use of
the community.
IMHO of course... I think rules lawyers irked GG so bad He over
reacted. To much questioning was the claim but read that hot mess and
piss poor publishing and editing makes questioning necessary sooooo
piss on a meta player back to a table of equals and if You wanna tell
a story write a book but plotting game makes play pointless like so
many button presses between cut scene unaffected by play at all...
Play to the mediums strengths not mimic another mediums pidgin...
poorly. Gameplay implies fairness and impactive participation not
personal whim and wing it but say it's got depth like lost or x files.
Depth requires design and can't be hidden long by pretty drawings or
similar distractions. Improv ain't gonna script Adaptation and
whatever the market model is these days is better termed paticaptory
fiction or somesuch not trying to invalidate what can work fine as
entertainment... maybe the point after justifying what the hell one
spent ones adult life mucking about with a game shame that might be
showing a tiny bit but not heavy on fairness, effect of a given player
on actual plot or tiny details like how many gp's are in circulation
or where the "Orc's" (half-orc means race not monster... shameful fail
to find any tinge to kill and loot to progress period and wargames saw
My slap happy ass in 82nd cause the conflict was framed as fun and the
rest wasn't even hinted as downsides which doesn't have to be preached
but I ain't making recruitment propaganda for pax americana so war can
cause more problems than it corrects... kills... whatever) come from
before the left turn out GMs ass and how many ass orcs does that clown
car caboose hold? Stories can skip what isn't pert but Players pop
quantum wave functions in gameworlds same as realworld just asking
questions and winging actual figures can come back quick to bite
storytellers but ignoring Player questions is... well I find it awful
art as well as evidence of a group to bid g'day too if not intent on
usurp the gimp GM's GURP's group which is a dick move in itself but I
hate stupid murder porn so primetime tv is not on My radar as I could
care less about hurting murder porns feelings and storytelling GM's
get little better if trying to bully ME. Bitch this is MY HOUSE and
has been for 40 years now so You go do You but I ain't got time to
stroke ego's with nada but bravado backing it. Most GM's know how to
barter with implied suggestions so My scathing MINE'S BIGGER bs has
only issued forth a few times for idiots trying to authority ME like I
don't have authority issues or hands on experience and no gut from
devoting Myself to hedgefund management instead of game as art ramen
and a temper about MY subject. Y'all's too, ownership isn't exclusive
here but starting with pathfinder ain't cred likely to correct or make
dps seem like a good metric for tabletop when trying to trump My
Bunnies and Burrows ace in the hole kid. You like it? Valid but not an
objective argument for superior mechanic and certainly not necessary
for all RPG's (while bitchin bout no GM too... picky kid who won't eat
but one thing) but design is a bitchgoddes that promptly throws You
under the bus when critique or complaints bandy about somehow prior to
publication because game is like god... all good till a question or
two is asked and god isn't unifing no more and game becomes taste. MY
subject. If I wasn't stupid or arrogant I'd not be here so sue Me... I
try to empower Players to play the game they want rather than suffer
illusions of ownership without falling away into homebrew hinterlands
localized out of any formal relation past title and with an eye toward
besting what is to a final form rather than market releases to drive
profit but ditch rules to sell copy making each edition a different
game which has no reason to do much at all as it's throw away in half
a decade and not striving for the best expression at all because
Players are to be milked of all monies possible not served ones best
to a community of fellows trusting the rest to follow. Why make the
best make believe possible when no ones paying You? Because no one
else would. Game is what had market success not mythmaking and
mythologizing creatively instead of just buying the party line like
You can't tweak the story to suit. Civilization as escalator of upward
progress bs ignoring how horrible We are at it. Humans as multicelled
community organisms not individuals consisting of the waking ego and a
reflex or two who can't survive alone being fundemental to a
harmonious view of existance instead of trying to fix a gender pay gap
that doesn't exist because heard it on tv is as good as saw it on tv
as proof of anything. Everyone knows aluminum leave a loony tunes
cyote shaped hold hitting steel reinforced concreate. Equal and
opposite does just that and is probably what David Copperfield used
making the statue of liberty disappear which I saw only trumped by
expert testamony and a computer model as conclusive evidence that the
popular rags ain't worth paper to wipe the jericurl left by all those
exiting ass-orcs balance like AI is "computer players cheat" and poor
fits for actual game. Got a lucky crit streak? Watch the extra
ass-orcs make the fight longer to suit the GM. I try plucking fair
outta there and leave the story to the sumation but I got weird ideas
about playable non-combat characters and constructive play options to
advance to contrast destructive play. King's are not playable unless
You count the kingdom but why put populations instead of nothing and
npcs following the orc route which I wouldn't rule either... I don't
even use two moons or babble names for common concepts or even not
Earth as objective example which is stupid of Me because everyone can
ID a 20 mile box of area as specifically here not there while driving
perfectly farting cherry blossom fresh stink to and subjective
objective examples are where ass people are pulled from.
Fantasy is not about small considered changes to existing knowns but
about drawing a locational map and babble names and ignoring existing
norms while using them ergo Middle Earth is Earth normal gravity or
Legolas's bow needs lots o splainin like bullets on Mars if bothering
to go past space opera there will be no math in THIS game dictum more
than description. I try to explain a frame past what Players should
ever access to cover clever girls dropping My concept by designing
deep magic say not buzz wording it like a full concept. Magic is often
meh to unformed conceptually much less deep magic. Lilly guilding
again rather than claiming loose conception pretending to depth that
ain't never been there. Lore before game is horse pullin by cart. Game
plays lore is told. Like putting everything in a digital RPG as code
for no reason other than fixation forgetting playing to strength
options code can't carry. The touch table plant is in My neck o the
woods and worth consideration untill sales numbers show if the ground
is fallow but if so We have table experience others lack and can't
implement if not locked into code period like game must have story
because xbox not Atari2600 roots and I can rant a LONG TIME here but
think I finally got win10 malware nuked and can use My gumped machine
to play nice with the other boys and girls I'm looking to convert this
with for Jay purposes and residual info that may help if reported back
sooooooo Jay shuts up... amazing even Me. Jay Joyce was a rotten
method for Me to mimic and learning to sortta type at 50/60wpm or more
made Me dangerous able to rant ad nausium and type what I think which
is worse than just posting nudie pics at the list which is just...
well not what I'd want to communicate to something I consider a
personal treasure so Jay's jewels are a TFT teabag of some awful awful
Yet that's what comes of My trickle of cluelessness coupled with the
competence compulsive failure forces from a Universe fed up with
trying to signal a stupid soul engaged in stupid... the asylum becomes
the inmates domain and... THIS!

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 1:26 PM, David Bofinger
<bofinger.david@gmail.com> wrote:
> Cris:
>> If it's random, then you have a simulator, right?
> Yes, that's the point of the project.
>> There must be some decent AI, too?
> Of course. Brilliant AI. That the heroes and monsters just scream and leap
> without a thought for tactics or survival? I must have wanted it to happen
> that way.
> Seriously, the AI it has now is pretty basic. They just run at each other
> and they don't even think about where their friends are. Though they think
> a little harder about their facing. Sometimes they feel so happy with their
> back against a wall that they stay out of the fight for a turn or two.
> Better AI would be a possibility but it sounds hard and I don't know if it
> would make the program any more fun.
> I just added terrain: random groups of blocked hexes. And logic to stop a
> battle if the two sides find themselves isolated. :-)
> That's a good question: what *would* make this more fun?
>> What language did you write it in?
> It's Java. Very bad Java. I didn't think before I started typing. For
> instance: in retrospect the hex map should have made less use of Cartesian
> coordinates and more of arrays of neighbours.
>> Will you make it open source (put it on Github)?
> I think for the moment if anyone wants it they can ask me and I'll mail.
> Thanks for mailing me privately about methods of displaying hexes but
> really displaying the hexes is the easy part and I'm not going to change it
> now. Unless this is somehow relevant to converting it to a web app, which
> might be a very good idea. Converting to Javascript should be easy,
> shouldn't it?
> Greg:
>> Do the blue guys always win?
> Not in general, there's the occasional total party kill. But there might
> not be one in the battles I put up, I didn't check.
> The program adjusts the strength of monsters after every fight to get an
> average of 50 points of pain for the characters each battle. One dead
> character is 50 points, and one point of damage on a character is 1 point.
> Each battle the number of characters gets randomly chosen. If there's too
> many some get benched for a battle. If there's not enough some new ones get
> made. Characters accumulate experience and each time they get a level they
> have a 50% chance of increasing ST (perhaps with a change of weapon) and
> 50% of increasing DX. Then they might change their armour and/or shield.
>> The animation was a little fast for me to see what was going on
>>  at first.  Maybe added a speed setting or a scrubber bar so that you can
>> go back to see what happened.
> The program makes a sequence of PNG images, which I turned into a GIF
> animation using VirtualDub. I read on the web it makes small GIF files,
> which seemed important. I also tried FFMPEG but didn't have much luck: got
> it to work once but the file was huge and then I changed settings and it
> never worked again. :-( I could certainly slow the animation down, but I
> don't know how to do speed settings. It's annoying that browsers, etc.,
> don't let you change speed. Anyone got any thoughts?
> Marc:
>> how it compares with Lloyd's simulator?
> There are many duel simulators but I haven't seen any other skirmish
> simulators.
> Thomas:
>> If your map allowed for entering turns/tokens in a simple
>> format then displayed the map with movements/facings/attacks
>> from a simple text input it would save a lot of time in that regard.
> If you want the code I'll send it but I think you'll getting nicer results
> from a simple drawing package.
> --
> David
> On 20 November 2015 at 02:23, Greg Thorne <Greg.Thorne@sas.com> wrote:
>> Very cool.  The animation was a little fast for me to see what was going on
>>  at first.  Do the blue guys always win?
>> Very Cool!  The animation was a little fast for me to see what was going on
>>  at first.  Maybe added a speed setting or a scrubber bar so that you can g
>> o back to see what happened.
>> Question:  Do the blue guys always win?
>> -Greg Thorne
>> On Nov 18, 2015, at 11:58 PM, David Bofinger <bofinger.david@gmail.com
>> <mail
>> to:bofinger.david@gmail.com>> wrote:
>> I wrote code to generate animations like this, and I'm interested in
>> people's thoughts.
>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/8kf98b1vtng46nh/tftbattles.gif?dl
>> It has a lot of the Advanced Melee rules, some of them approximated,
>> twenty-eight character templates, thirty-one simplified monster
>> definitions. No wizards, no missiles weapons (wouldn't be that hard to add
>> but might not be much fun), no tactics much other than "Charge!" Tell me
>> what you think.
>> --
>> David
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