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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V4 #463

> IQ
> 0 = inantimate objects. (Plant life at very slow move?)
> 1 = Animals w/o backbones
> 2 = Fish
> 3 = Amphibians & Reptiles
> 4 = Birds
> 5 = Rodents
> 6 = Hoofed Animals
> 7 = Flesh-eating Mammals
> 8 = Ocean Mammals
> 9 = Apes & Monkeys
> 10 = Humans

TL;DR but I picked this up skimming. My first instinct is that it's got to
be wrong. By these definitions a fighter who owned a pet monkey might be
well advised to let it handle the thinking.

IQ 7 lets you buy weapon skills. I don't know if anyone's taught a monkey
to fence, but I would guess someone in a circus has tried so probably they

Great apes will occasionally use clubs but that doesn't require a talent.

Some apes have been taught e.g. sign language but that has no IQ threshold
unless you call it literacy in which case it's IQ 8.

Maybe chimps are IQ 4 to 6? That leaves prootwaddles slightly smarter than
most chimps which seems right.

Birds vary a lot. Some birds, mostly corvids and parrots, are really quite
smart, probably maxing out at IQ 5 or 6. On the other hand ratites tend to
be idiots.

Dolphins aren't as smart as popularly imagined.

Working at the trailing edge of intellect reminds me of when I wrote up IQ
7 spells for prootwaddle wizards. Magic Rock!


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