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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V4 #463

Agreed David... working up a basic Google.doc for each stat as I
currently have worked up. In a 3 stat system each stat needs to do
more than a single task and I use IQ as a measure of perception and as
a measure of how effective a Figure or Unit can be at micro-managing
its time which in effect allows more Followers/Talents/Orders to be
carried the higher the IQ. Orders are in effect Talents learned as a
Unit and able to be executed en mass and the above is more a rule of
thumb guide to what kind of Orders might be expected from a Unit of
whathaveyou rather than trying to pin individual IQ's per say...
although the point about the monkey is quite interesting... assuming
communication was possible such that an Order set was able to be
established and the monkey was hip to thinking like a human of course.
Plant's as individuals may not influence on a Melee scale of action
but the idea of a bio-region of plants being in a network may allow
some influence on such activity? Agent Orange? IDK... How much does
swimming have to do with smart?
Great points to mull over Sir, I'd love to see anything You might have
to hand on IQ7 spells by the way... no worries though.

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 5:23 PM, David Bofinger
<bofinger.david@gmail.com> wrote:
>> IQ
>> 0 = inantimate objects. (Plant life at very slow move?)
>> 1 = Animals w/o backbones
>> 2 = Fish
>> 3 = Amphibians & Reptiles
>> 4 = Birds
>> 5 = Rodents
>> 6 = Hoofed Animals
>> 7 = Flesh-eating Mammals
>> 8 = Ocean Mammals
>> 9 = Apes & Monkeys
>> 10 = Humans
> TL;DR but I picked this up skimming. My first instinct is that it's got to
> be wrong. By these definitions a fighter who owned a pet monkey might be
> well advised to let it handle the thinking.
> IQ 7 lets you buy weapon skills. I don't know if anyone's taught a monkey
> to fence, but I would guess someone in a circus has tried so probably they
> failed.
> Great apes will occasionally use clubs but that doesn't require a talent.
> Some apes have been taught e.g. sign language but that has no IQ threshold
> unless you call it literacy in which case it's IQ 8.
> Maybe chimps are IQ 4 to 6? That leaves prootwaddles slightly smarter than
> most chimps which seems right.
> Birds vary a lot. Some birds, mostly corvids and parrots, are really quite
> smart, probably maxing out at IQ 5 or 6. On the other hand ratites tend to
> be idiots.
> Dolphins aren't as smart as popularly imagined.
> Working at the trailing edge of intellect reminds me of when I wrote up IQ
> 7 spells for prootwaddle wizards. Magic Rock!
> --
> David
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