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Re: (TFT) Madison Traditional Gaming.

Hi Jay,
  I think that ITL brings so much to the mix, I would start with that.  
However, you could do a one session arena combat where 
people build fighters and wizards and send them in to fight.

I would give each person a few points for creating a character,
a few points for each fight they are in, a few points for winning
a fight, a point for "most unlucky death", a point for "killed most
often", etc.  

The top 2 players would start the campaign with one extra 
attribute, and everyone who got X number of points, would 
start the campaign with half an attribute.

Or maybe give a weak magic item to the winner for use in your

Haste magic boots.  Cost 1 fST per 3 turns.
Adds +3 to your MA if you are in no armor, or cloth armor, +2 to
your MA if you are in Leather or Boiled Leather and +1 to your
MA if you have heavier armor.

You could distribute some poker chips to bet on the results of the
arena.  (You can't bet on your own characters.)  Each poker chip
won in this arena session turns into $10 of bonus starting money.

Since this is a one shot, I would give a full attribute for each 
fight survived.  (Do not let these practice characters into the real
campaign.)  One character might get really powerful.  Encourage
people to gang up on him or her when you have enough 
characters for a multi-person fight.

If you have any house rules you will use for your campaign that 
involve fighting, use those in this practice session.

Have fun!!!

Warm regards, Rick.

On 2015-12-01, at 11:00 AM, Jay White wrote:
> I have a question for everyone.  I am in a gaming group at the local game s
> tore and we meet every Tuesday evening.  What we do is several of us are GM
> s, actually anyone can GM, and about every four months or so we switch 
> game systems.  The only requirement is that the system be pre-2K.  I have b
> een running MERP.  And am considering running TFT in the new "season" start
> ing in January.
> Would it be better to run basic Melee/Wizard or could/should I jump right i
> nto TFT/ITL?  I have been playing TFT since the time of the Beginning, th
> e '80s...  Just would like some thoughts/ideas...
> Jay White (the other Jay)

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