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Re: (TFT) Madison Traditional Gaming.

I'd definitely suggest running Dark City's free adventure Orcs of the 
High Mountains. I've run it several times at local conventions and it 
fits a 3 - 4 hour time slot nicely. Of course I embellish that hell out 
of it to pad it out to fit the time slot. In one of our play throughs I 
even let the little girl turn out to be a hobbit in a blonde wig. He 
explained that the older couple had lost their daughter many years ago 
and were both quite senile and blind. He was pretending to be their 
little girl. As he put it it was a kind gesture for the older couple, 
plus he got free, hot meals out of it. The players didn't know if they 
wanted to kill him for his deceit or let him live to keep the older 
couple happy. It was a great and unexpected ending. 

David O. Miller
Miller Design/Illustration

2 Dean Court
East Northport, NY 11731
(631) 266-6875

On Dec 1, 2015, at 3:08 PM, Jeffrey Vandine <jlv61560@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Well, the real answer, as always, is :  "depends on your group." 
> Personally though, why not do both?  You could start them off in some
> thing like Death Test as a starting scenario, and, once they survive 
it, th
> ey become soldiers of the city and can be sent on missions.  Like, say
> , Orbquest, or something you make up.
> Alternatively, go to the Dark City Games web page and download one of 
> introductory modules (free) and use that as a starter.  (If you haven
> 't already done so, you should definitely consider investing in some 
of the
> ir adventures too -- they're all "solo," but they are also all 
organized so
> that you can convert them easily to a GM run thing, complete with flow 
> rts and the like.)  There are also a couple of GURPS adventures you co
> uld easily use with minimal retrofitting -- I'm thinking Orcslayer and 
> van to Ain Erris, if you wanted to -- both are available from 
Warehouse 23 
> in PDF form.  None of these alternatives would require much from you i
> n the way of re-stating or re-inventing for TFT, and could serve as an 
> o to Cidri just as easily as anything else could.  If you wind up in a
> creative hole later because of them, just pass your players through a 
> to the place you REALLY want them to be!  ;-)
> In short, I think you could have your cake and eat it too! 
>      From: Jay White <riskoridan@hotmail.com>
> To: "tft@brainiac.com" <tft@brainiac.com> 
> Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 11:00 AM
> Subject: (TFT) Madison Traditional Gaming.
> I have a question for everyone.  I am in a gaming group at the local g
> ame s
> tore and we meet every Tuesday evening.  What we do is several of us a
> re GM
> s, actually anyone can GM, and about every four months or so we switch 

> game systems.  The only requirement is that the system be pre-2K.�

> � I have b
> een running MERP.  And am considering running TFT in the new "season" 

> start
> ing in January.
> Would it be better to run basic Melee/Wizard or could/should I jump 
right i
> nto TFT/ITL?  I have been playing TFT since the time of the Beginning,
> th
> e '80s...  Just would like some thoughts/ideas...
> Jay White (the other Jay)
>> Subject: Re: (TFT)  Shields and Feats.
>> From: rick_ww@lightspeed.ca
>> Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2015 10:22:10 -0800
>> To: tft@brainiac.com
>> Hi David,
>>   Thanks for the comments.
>>   Two handed weapons used to do one extra point of damage.
>> In my revised weapon list they usually do 3 extra points of 
>> damage.  (The exception is pole weapons.  A two handed pole
>> weapon does +2 damage, but then gets a x 1.5 multiplier if
>> it charges closing the distance by 3 hexes.)
>>   I have added lots of talents some of which come on the even
>> number of IQ points, (e.g. IQ 10, 12, etc.).  However, to make
>> talents easier to find, prerequisites are 2 IQ lower than the 
>> more advanced talents.  This means that given that Shield is
>> IQ 7, then advanced shield talents will fall at IQ 9 and 11.
>> (I've added so many talents, that this rule is actually fairly 
>> important to help people remember where to find talents.)
>>   We will have to agree to disagree about making an IQ 8 
>> fighter obsolete.  I feel that a barely trained fighter SHOULD
>> be beaten by highly skilled adversaries.  I am not troubled 
>> that many of the advanced fighting skills are higher IQ than
>> 8.  That is how the TFT system is set up.  If you wanted to 
>> grab a bunch of my talents, but make them all IQ 8, it would
>> not trouble me.
>> The last edition of D&D that I played much was 2nd, which
>> was before feats, so I can't comment much on them.  But if
>> you were to write up a bunch of feats, I would read them 
>> with interest.  
>> In D&D you get more feats with higher levels.  Would your 
>> feats be based on buying DX and ST (but not IQ), or would
>> you have another system?
>> Warm regards, Rick.
>> On 2015-12-01, at 1:25 AM, David Bofinger wrote:
>>> If you make shields much better, you need to make two-handed weapons 

> much
>>> better as well. Or one-handed weapons worse. Probably a bit of both.
>>> Caveat: This is based on what I've seen of Rick's advanced weapon 
> ts,
>>> which might have changed since I saw them.
>>> Rick, you seem to like putting all your combat expertise talents 
> eld,
>>> weapons) at IQ 9, 11. I'm not sure why you do that but it has a 
> e of
>>> effects I suspect are undesirable. First, IQ 9 is only just above 
> hard
>>> deck of IQ 8 so it makes the classic IQ 8 fighter pretty much 
> The
>>> benefits of IQ 9 talents greatly outweigh the cost of 1 point so IQ 
8 i
> s no
>>> longer a sweet spot. As an example:
>>> Fighter ST 12 DX 12 IQ 8 [Knife, Sword, Shield, Running, +3 @ I
> Q 8]
>>> broadsword, small shield: 2+0, aDX 12, stops 1, parries on 12 (
> 10%), MA 12.
>>> Fighter ST 11 DX 12 IQ 9: [Knife, Sword, Shield, Improved Sword
> , Shield 2,
>>> +2 @ IQ 9] shortsword, small shield: 2+1, aDX 12, stops 3, parr
> ies on 14
>>> (22%), MA 10.
>>> OK, it's not absolutely one-sided, but I know who I'd rather back i
> n a
>>> fight. It's a pretty huge gulf in capability. Two-handed weapons 
also t
> ake
>>> a hit.
>>> I don't think the simple fighter should be made obsolete. Have to 
> te,
>>> sure, but not get badly outcompeted by obvious analogous designs.
>>> Generally it tends to make the odd-IQ levels more useful than the 
>>> IQ-levels, for anyone with an interest in melee combat. That's 
> y true
>>> to some extent in the standard rules, because the best stuff is, IM
> O,
>>> somewhat more common at odd IQ than even, at least at lower IQ 
> . IQ 8
>>> has Seamanship/Boating/Horsemanship which might be useful but is 
>>> situational and anyway that doesn't count because we don't get to 
> e
>>> whether we have IQ 8. IQ 9 has Missile Weapons which can easily be 
> ly
>>> important, IQ 10 has Fencing but that's not a huge deal, IQ 11 has 

> Two
>>> Weapons which can be quite a big deal (along with three critical 
>>> skills, it's a big skill monkey level), IQ 12 has nothing much, I
> Q 13 has
>>> nothing much, IQ 14 has the high level unarmed combat abilities 
> h they
>>> cost a fortune. Add in your special combat talents and I think 
> rs
>>> will be putting their IQ up two at a time.
>>> (Another feature of your weapon talents is that IQ 9 to IQ 11 is a 
> ler
>>> jump than IQ 11 to IQ 13 so characters tend to stop at IQ 9 or IQ 
13. I
>>> think.)
>>> I'm not sure what the answer is to this. But I sort of like the idea 
> at
>>> the special abilities should be a bit more like what D&D calls feats 
> d
>>> less just "add two". Actually, my current theory of RPG design is to 

> ditch
>>> as many numbers as possible and describe everything by characters 
> g
>>> feats. Because feats are more fun than numbers.
>>> --
>>> David
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