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Re: (TFT) Really? ... Really?

I get a listing of various academic papers pertaining to gaming from a
few different sources that I tend to view hypercritically owing to My
sour grape timing that was too early for dead sheep cred pity party
that reads such papers with a point to prove prior to picking them up.
The fact that so many of these papers practically play along with My
prejudice is something I tend to view as a personal gig from the
Universe because hey... Jay. If I don't assign Myself that kind of
importance who will? Eschatological Pantheistic Multiple-Ego Solipsism
and Me. Fine in function until another Player mucks up My perfect
Utopia with actual participation... Sullying theory with practice. How
Anyway that's a recent paper
This is pre-publication version of: Apperley, T. and Clemens, J. “The
Biopolitics of Gaming: Avatar-Player Self-Reflexivity in Assassin’s
Creed II.” In M. Kapell from a theme on the play vs. story divide in
game studies which is a flawed conception in assuming story as a core
element of "game" axiomatically. But that's just Me. Just thought the
sanitation engineer verbosity was worth the cut and paste posting.
Still haven't found how the avatar recursively affects Me...
Anyway that's what's up with that... I may be wacky but this isn't?

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