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(TFT) Really? ... Really?

The biopolitics of gaming: Avatar-player self-reflexivity in Assassin's Creed II

In this chapter we discuss key gameplay elements of one of the most
important and influential videogame series of recent years, Ubisoft’s
Assassin’s Creed series. We propose that an essential part of the
success of this game is due to its making a significant and innovative
intervention in the meta-reflexive thematization of the avatar-form:
the imaginative staging of the experience of the user and consequently
the user’s necessary relationship to the game software and hardware is
the underlying theme of the narrative itself. Within this staging, the
concerns of narrative and the ludic...

Forgets the "protag" got der Tag! Game Over several titles back and
racially ambiguous? Hello? Ancestors?
Shadow of Mordor copied the AC model so well it became a clasic
example of the student surpassing the teacher and how about AC
directly tying in to WatchDogs with the Abstergo CO offing mission?
But I'm curious as to the recursive reference so...

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