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Re: (TFT) Shields

It's how you use the shield more than the shield unless you are talking a
bout a Roman Tower shield.  Big shields are heavy if made of metal and th
e ones made of hides or wood lighter but generally don't hold up well.  B
ernard Cornwell, who does pretty good research, talks about the willow sh
ields being hacked to pieces with just the metal boss left in the Saxon b




 Getting back to uses you can turn aside a spear thrust or take in the wo
od part hoping it doesn't penetrate to hit your arm.  Some Roman fighting
 (sword and shield) in the arena showed different strategies (deflect, bl
ock and attack).  I think the shield rush is too weak and that you can't 
do damage with the shield (stun them by smashing it into your opponent, n
ot just his face but anywhere) is also a flaw.  But that being said I pla
yed around with it when I was a kid and couldn't make it work any better 
than what SJ has in the game.












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     A question I've always wondered is how exactly does a shield work in

       skirmish combat. There seems to be a lot written about its effecti
veness in
       large formations and in stopping missile fire, but I've not been v
       successful in finding anything about shields in skirmish melee. I 
think it
       might be as Jay said that some shields deflect, some absorb, and s
ome hit.

       I took down my weapon creation system (wasn't well received), but 
I may
       revisit it to address shields, but I'd like to have a little refer
       meat behind it.

       - Marc

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