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Re: (TFT) Megahexes in TFT.

Hi all,
  I rather like the MH in TFT.  It is far easier to place my fingers two
MH apart and count "zero, one, two, three .. OK, you are -3 adj DX
for range", than counting up to 22 hexes (or what ever) and then
doing a calculation to figure out the range negatives.

  (Count to 22, divide by 6, round up the remainder, subtract one... 
OK you are -3 adj DX.)

  I like that the Dazzle spell has a radius for 5 MH.  That is a range
that comfortably covers most battles.  I have added more spells to
my spell list that have radius of 5 or 8 MH or so.  (Also some larger
area spells and Environmental spells affect blocks of MH.)

  Basically, it is a nice division for moderate sized ranges.  

  In someways, the MH is too small.  In Chitin 1, the MH were a
hex larger in diameter so they had a nineteen hex area.  If TFT
MH were that size, their utility in counting up moderate distances
would be even greater than the current ones.

  If a TFT hex is a level 1 hex.
and the current MH is a level 2 hex.
then a level 3 hex would be a Mega-Mega hex.
and a level 4 hex would be a Mega-Mega-Mega hex.

  Note that the Lords of the Underearth hexes are Level 4 hexes.

  I have a battle map which we play TFT on, which has everything 
up to and including Lv 4 hexes outlined in different colors.

  Warm regards, Rick.

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