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Re: (TFT) Revised HTH rules - Rob's comments. Is HTH needed?

Hi Rick,



 First I love reading your stuff whether I use it or not.  Seeing things 
from another viewpoint with well thought out explanations for why you did
 something is always worth the read.



 My characters generally have the running talent so their MA is higher so
 they can avoid HTH. 




 HTH is useful in fantasy because you see it or read about it in a charac
ters adventures.  Robinhood's men capturing Sir Guy in Sherwood comes to 
mind (Errol Flynn version of course).  Conan fighting the giant snake and
 many others.












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     Hi Rob,
       Thank you for the kind words. The fact that some people use some
       of my stuff is what makes it worthwhile.

       I thought that Orcslayer was a fun module. Never ran it tho. :(

       I encourage you to customize the game to suit your tastes and the
       people you play with. In particular, it is important to start with
       simple rule set. (I find that as people master the base rules, the
       are more eager to add a bit more complexity. The trick is to add
       the complexity which deepens the experience and is not just
       complexity for complexities sake.)

       I think that TFT will work perfectly well without HTH. It is inten
       to make the game more realistic by adding wrestling, but you
       certainly could have a heroic adventure with out it. That said, we

       never turned figure in HTH upside down (we reserved that for dead
       or unconscious figures). Having two enemy in the same hex was
       enough to remind us that those characters were in HTH.

       I am guessing that you turn upside down characters who have
       fallen. I would suggest not doing that. We used to use a little
       hematite counter to show fallen figures, but lately, we just remem
       (Usually their are not too many of them.) Alternately, you could h
       fallen figures face towards any hex spine (but ideally a hex spine

       away from the enemy) to show that they are prone. This would save
       you a bunch of flipping counters face up and face down.

       As now published, the Rune Stone rules give a bit of variety
       magically to the terrain. I am a big fan of terrain, it helps to m
       this fight different from that fight. A tactic which worked fine t
       last 6 fights, now, is not so good. Variety is the spice of life, 

       However, when I put up my rules for Environmental Magics in TFT,
       the Rune Stones will become far more useful and important. This
       will likely be a while, Environmental magics will take more work t
       get ready for prime time.

       Warm regards, Rick.




       On 2016-01-19, at 10:33 AM, Robert Ward wrote:
       > Hello Rick
       > Never feel your words are dropping into a black hole. I can say 
       > certain that I read and enjoy them. I don't get to play TFT as o
ften as
       > I'd like, and with some very young players (including some brigh
t 10-12
       > yr olds) not a lot of opportunities yet for introducing variatio
       > They're just starting to get up to speed with spells.
       > But for example, a few weeks ago, we ran a giant melee in front 
of a
       > castle wall (running the old Orcslayer module). If I had read yo
ur rune
       > stone rules earlier, I would have incorporated some of those eff
       > just to illustrate that the (simulated) world contains, or used 
       > contain, wonders and powers that the players can't yet understan
d. One
       > change I did incorporate was the more powerful Ward spell.
       > So that's point (A). Point (B) is that it's inspiring to see you
       > creations whether I use them or not. For example, I have never l
iked the
       > HTH rules. Or maybe more exactly, I have never liked HTH combat.
       > counters flip over and the map becomes lifeless. The zones of co
       > or facing rules, that make melees so tactical and war-gamy, disa
       > So reading some of your changes makes me think about how I might
       > things myself, maybe just to eliminate it altogether. But whatev
er, as I
       > say it is great to see someone thinking about thoughtful changes
       > additions.
       > Keep em coming!
       > Rob
       > On Thu, Jan 7, 2016, at 12:38 PM, Rick Smith wrote:
       >> Hi everyone,
       >> I've posted my HTH rules on Joe's website. They can be found he
       >> http://tft.brainiac.com/RicksTFT/Fighting/HTH_InTFT.html
       >> I've attempted to keep the rules about as complex as the origin
       >> HTH rules, make them more logical, and improve play balance.
       >> Your comments are welcome.
       >> Warm regards, Rick.
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