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Re: (TFT) New File on Dwarves on Rick's web pages.

Hi Rick,

Your dwarf page is cool and interesting, even though I probably wouldn't run it myself in a campaign due to having enough other visions and versions of dwarves. I never liked the "bearded dwarf ladies" idea. I also rarely have anyone anywhere who's pushing 50 attribute points total.

I do think the way you did the reduced MA but less reduction from armor thing well. It nicely mirrors the elf MA advantage. That I probably would use, as that's pretty much the same reduction we have in GURPS.


What is "armor's no negative number"?

What do you mean by "sacrificing 5 attribute" and re-earning them? Do you mean a character can reduce attribute levels they already have, or just spend EP equal to 5 points' improvement (or is it 5 times the cost of the next +1)? Does it count as 5 points towards the cost of the next attribute, if you have the ability?

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