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Re: (TFT) Environmental Magics in TFT. - Meg's comments.

On 3/10/16 3:55 PM, Meg Tapley wrote:
"zone of sleep"
That is a slick idea. Would you like to write it up, or should I take a crack at

I'll give it some thought.
To actually answer your question: I might think about it some more, when-and-if I have time and happen to remember. But if you want it written up on anything resembling a reasonable timeframe, or just like tinkering with the numbers, please feel free to implement the idea in whatever way you think makes most sense and/or is coolest from the player's perspective. After all, you're writing rules for your own campaign, I'm not gonna steal them without tweaking them anyway, and wouldn't expect you to do otherwise. ;-)

- Meg

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