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(TFT) GM can

Several GMs (some of whom may also be players) can co-operate on a large campaign.

This is a handy technique; a GM can make up 20 or 30 cards for men-types, for instance — then, when his labyrinth notes call for a room with 2 men in it, he can just pull two cards at random and see what happens.

Although the GM can arbitrarily take away experience points, he cannot arbitrarily decrease a character's attributes once an increase is earned.

Of course, if the GM misses the IQ roll, he can lie to the tracker, or say that nothing has passed.

GMs: You can give this ability to priests and powerful leaders that you create - and make it harder for the player characters to lie to them about their missions...

The cities, towns, and villages of medieval Cidri can be very interesting for a GM to create and for a character to enter.

The GM, keeping track of their true position, can tell them what landmarks they see.

 Pay: 8 x No. of spells that can (in GM's opinion) be used to entertain an audience.

If the GM needs detailed information on a player-character, he can ask to see the player's own sheet.

Players may change their march order at any time, but they must always let the GM know — so he can tell them who sees something, who must make a saving roll to dodge a trap or falling slime, or who gets the first chance to fire on an enemy.

One time-honored device is to assume the players are sitting in a tavern — then, in the guise of the tavern-keeper, the GM can fill them in on all the local rumors and maybe even sell them a map or two.

And anything else your GM can dream up.

The GM can then play the orc leader, talking to the party.

If the GM is undecided between courses of action, he can flip a coin or roll a die — but he should have a good enough idea what the motives of his characters are that he will know how to play them. 

The GM can have one player assist him by controlling all the ores, monsters, etc. — in fact, that player might be the one who first set up the labyrinth.

Obviously, the GM cannot tell them about everything they pass, if it's hidden.  		 	   		  
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