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(TFT) GM must

This means the GM must lie to the party about their position, while keeping his own record of where they really are.

When they are not in combat, the GM must judge how many five-second turns each action would take — keeping in mind that it takes longer to do something if you're running.

>From the time the characters enter a labyrinth to the moment when they leave it (if they do!), the GM must give them information about where they are and what they see.

This means that the GM must make note of which characters have certain talents, and what their IQ rolls are. Detect Traps, Alertness, Acute Hearing, Recognize Value, and Naturalist all operate "automatically."

A character with the Remove Traps ability may ask the GM how many dice he will have to roll to remove a given trap, and the GM must tell him truthfully.

The players will very likely want to make a map of their own as they travel, so the GM must be precise about giving them directions and information.

the GM must be careful not to take sides. 		 	   		  
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