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Re: Jay's spamming the list. <-- Useful subject line makes it easy to delete what you don't care about.

Time to define the TL;DR (IQ:8) talent with prereq of Literacy? ;-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TL;DR

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 10:37 PM, Jeffrey Vandine <jlv61560@yahoo.com> wrote:
Yeah, that's where I am as well.  I think in all the years that I've been on this list there was actually one post that had something to say that was both relevant and meaningful...for the rest, it's a brief scan and then delete.  As Rick noted, if he can't be bothered to write coherently, then I can't be bothered to read it.

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Subject: Re: Jay's spamming the list. <-- Useful subject line makes it easy to delete what you don't care about.

As far as I have been able to tell this is just how Jay is.  It doesn't appear to be an act, I have tried to discern what he is saying some of the time, however if it is more than a 2 or 3 inches of text (he isn't much for paragraphs or punctuation) I give up.

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Subject: Re: Jay's spamming the list. <-- Useful subject line makes it easy to delete what you don't care about.

It is easy to filter or delete emails, too.
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Subject: Jay's spamming the list. <-- Useful subject line makes it easy to delete what you don't care about.
Hi all,
  To some extent spam is in the eye of the beholder.  If I were to
receive an email saying that a new book on terraforming was now
being published - it would not be spam to me, but I am sure that 
most of you would think it spam.
  Matt felt that Jay's incomprehensible ramblings (and various snarky 
comments on them) were a waste of his time and so quit the list.
  As for can spam be art... I think not.  The essence of art is 
communicating something to the audience.  When I was writing the
design for the Computer Game, "Total Annihilation", I decided that I
wanted to communicate, in a simple form, the essence of combined
arms and military tactics.  I feel that the game succeeded because 
that aspect of the communication came thru the design & development.
An artist who's art moves no one; who says nothing other than to irritate 
others is not an artist but a vandal.  (Especially if he is painting 
property not his own.)
  Jay's verbal diarrhoea falls in the spam category to me.  It is not 
worth the time to figure out and it offends me.  It is hard work to 
write clearly & concisely, and someone who does not bother to try, 
is simply wasting everyone's time.  
  I delete Jay's emails unread.  I should figure out how to get my
spam filter to zap his emails, but not the TFT list in general.
  Jay would do better to either stop posting at all, or make an effort
to say something in a format which is worth people's time to read.
As it is, he is just teaching people to ignore him and driving people
off the list.
  Warm regards, Rick.
On 2016-10-12, at 4:18 PM, David Bofinger wrote:
The categories aren't mutually exclusive. A lot of street art - tagging, for instance - is basically spam.
On 13 October 2016 at 10:07, Geof Gibson <geofgibson@mac.com> wrote:

One might also consider Jay’s incoherent ramblings a form of art.
On Oct 12, 2016, at 12:15 PM, Jeffrey Vandine <jlv61560@yahoo.com> wrote:
This basically amounts to spam...

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