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Re: D&D classic Psionics in TFT

>> Marc Gacy 


> A few of my random thoughts on psionics.
> I always liked how Spell Law from Iron Crown
> Enterprises handled it. Three really different
> disciplines (Essence, Channeling and Mental-
> ism) which very nicely equated to MU magic,
> Cleric magic, and Psionics.

Hilarious game I had in Arms Law, the GM rolls a critical fumble and looks up the results.  "The orc disembowels himself, you start laughing so hard you loose 2 turns".  And I did.  I did start laughing.


> In AD&D we once had a Psionics battle with
> a Pit Fiend. It was epic, it was fun, and we
> never wanted to do it again.

Exactly as Psionics should be.  Super rare, not
a regular part of the game or world, but there if
the GM has the descriptive panache to make a
really memorable moment.

> I just thought of this
> The Most hated RPG type of character:
> Someone who is highly skilled at both psionic
> and grappling/hand to hand combat!

Sounds like a bully from public school.  I kid, I kid. Thranduil of the woodland realm, while a bully, cashed in most of his experience points.  He has high DX, ST, and IQ.  But he didn't react too well to Thorns' "Id Insinuation."

Thank you for reading.
David Michael Grouchy II