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Re: D&D classic Psionics in TFT

Hi all, David.
  I would hardly expect TFT players to look for clues to how a TFT 
campaign is run in Eldritch Wizardry.  But let me know if any of
your players figure it out and save up 20 unspent attributes worth
of experience, and thus gain their just reward.

  (Smiley showing rolling eyes and slight fond bemusement.)  `8-)P

  I was not impressed with the whole Mnorren background for TFT,
so I do not use it for my campaigns.

  By the way, I've been writing up D&D style psionics and it took
more pages than I expected.  (I'm up around 12 pages of rules
right now.)  I may post them some time.


On 2016-10-22, at 10:56 PM, David Michael Grouchy II wrote:
The following three quotes from two different gaming books are the justification for never telling one’s players about The Hidden Attribute, and Psionics in TFT.  As the clues are already there.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

             The Mnoren were human - and a little bit more. 
They had the ability to move unaided between the many alter- 
nate worlds that co-exist with Earth in other time-streams. 
One ability - but it was enough. 

 - ITL page 4

Probability Travel: By means of this ability the possessor is able to cross into parallel worlds and enter different planes. It is extremely dangerous, however, as it closely corresponds to astral projection with the corporeal body brought along. The psychic wind affects the probability traveler as if he were projecting through space. For each probability or plane crossed 10 energy points are psionically expended. The traveler is able to commune with friendly powers, for example — or risk entrance into planes hostile to his alignment, or attempt to explore the probabilities following a course of action contemplated by him. 

 - Eldritch wizardry page 21

The first Mnoren used his talent only six times, and then stopped forever in fright and confusion. 

 - ITL page 4

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


I understand that many GMs  do not use either the setting of Cidri, or the Mnoren.  I just thought it was a neat and complete way to solve the mystery with the clues and games that were in publication on the day it was written.  

Thank you for taking a moment to read.

David Michael Grouchy II