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1) The Assassination of Lord British.

Richard Garriott made all the Ultima games, and the first graphical MMO called "Ultima Online."  Towards the end of open beta, he logged on to play "Lord British" and address some players.

He was supposed to be invulnerable, but due to lag, he had to log back on and forgot to set his invulnerable flag.  A fire spell later, and his character died.  Mr Garriott did not react well.  And the player was banned.

Almost two decades later, people are still bragging about their involvement in this event.  Here is a video by one such participant.  Notice how gleeful he is at the moment the character Lord British dies.


2) Fansy The Famous Bard

A low level bard in the fledgling Everquest, he played on a "no rules" server and has the distinction of being the cause of the first rule enforced on the "no rules" server.

Here is his own brag page.

Essentially he used his low level to aggro higher level monsters and then would kite them into groups of other characters and watch them die.  All while, as he called it, role playing.

3) Dark Age of Camelot: guild called RELPOR

This 8 dwarf PVP squad was legend and feared.  They were undefeated, and famous for wiping out 100 man raiding parties out in the Frontiers.

Most Frontier PVP would get bogged down at the "mile gates" with one faction on the walls and the other faction trying to break through.  But as soon as someone would type into chat "incoming relpor" everyone would flee.  And I mean everyone.  They were probably using radar and other hacks.

Here is a rare video of them in action.

4) Shadowbane

The first truly open world pvp game.  One could attack and destroy other guilds player made cities.  One guild, the goats head guild, conquered the entire game world.

The majority of the player base left shortly thereafter.  Many people still are not sure what really happened, just that the game pretty much ended.

mmofallout.com  / Shadowbane what happened?

5) World of warcraft

A popular MMO, I am sure many people are familiar with the more famous incidences.  Leroy Jenkins, Mind controlling people into the Lava, Ninja looting all the good items from a 40 man raid, the "corrupted blood incident", but the most insidious and psychopathic incident of all time happened on WoW.

A girl who played on a PVP server died in real life.  Her guild and friends held a memorial for her.  An actual family member of hers logged on her character to attend.

A guild called "serenity now" raided the memorial service and killed all in attendance.

here is a reupload of their actual brag video.

After all this someone interviewed Richard Garriott (the first and last game designer to try and play in his own creation) what he thought, and he said something to the effect of "well... I guess if you keep people in the little boxes for so long, when you finally let them out they go kinda crazy."

Does he mean that modern people are repressed, and crave an outlet?  I don't know.  Most gamers are the biggest pacifists I have ever met.  In real life anyway.

Thanks for reading through this.
David Michael Grouchy II