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Re: Talking about psychopaths in Traveler (and TFT)

I think the party is a lot less likely to work if the mission is to obtain some item and only the good or evil faction will get it. That's one reason I suggested killing someone as the objective: that way both sides can win.

Obviously the lack of trust is a disadvantage to the party, but presumably the GM adjusts the obstacles accordingly.

The point is the problem can be mitigated to some extent by doing things the GM didn't do in this case.

Not that I think it's a terribly good idea. I hate having evil characters in a campaign. But it might be better in a standalone adventure.


On 29 October 2016 at 19:00, <cofdublin@aol.com> wrote:
Not with these guys. I was brought in by the Paladin, so I backed him. But how likely do you thin k it to be that these guys will just keep raising dead until they have enough to overwhelm the Paladin and I. And what percentage is it for us to get the doodad only to lose it to evil. I've always had a problem with alignments in D&D anyway (just 1 reason I like TFT better) and I don't go in for the current idea that it is better to do SOMETHING ridiculous that is not only bound to fail but actually give a hook to evil. You need to figure out another way in that case. It too easily becomes farce, which is what happened. 
The flaw was not the role play but the fact that the party was just plain unrealistic if you played it properly. The characters would spend so much time watching each other, so as not to be killed, that the actual enemies would be able to kill them. Party destroyed in 1 session. IRL, you either fund an all good/neutral party, or if you're the other persuasion an all evil/neutral party, but unless the DM. If your side doesn't have enough force to get the doodad, it waits & ambushes the party that DOES get the doodad. If the doodad unbalances everything, do you believe that either side would risk helping the other get it?

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Not sure which edition this was. In most, paladins aren't allowed to voluntarily associate with evil characters. IIUC they lose their ability to dissolve things if they do.
Absent the paladin, who is the main deal breaker in this scenario, the DM/GM might have built an interesting story by giving each faction a really strong motive to do something in the dungeon. e.g. "Look, I don't like you, you don't like me, and one of us will probably stab the other before the villain's body hits the floor. But we both need the villain dead before the solar eclipse on Tuesday, and neither of us is strong enough to beat him alone, so we're going to have to work together. Agreed?" "I swear it by all the torments I inflicted on your friend when I tortured him for your name." "Right ... guess that will have to do then." You need a DM/GM willing to take the idea and run with it, and a tolerance for PC deaths, but given those I think it could be a workable game.

On 27 Oct 2016 2:17 PM, <cofdublin@aol.com> wrote:
Hi Rick,
I was in a campaign (miniatures) where 1 of us was a Paladin, I a NG Fighter Bard, another good fighter, and 2 guys who insisted on playing evil characters. We reached a castle, ended up fighting some Orcs, if I'm not mistaken. No problem. Until... the evil mage resurrects one of the Orcs. The Paladin promptly dissolved the revenant & the evil mage taking exception to this attacked the Paladin. I clobbered the mage & we both took down the other evil guy; in 1 session completely finishing the game. Actually, everyone WAS playing in character once you suspended disbelief that such a party, under any circs could actually form. Didn't change the fact that the evil guys were much put out by the Paladin's actions. Sometimes you just get idiots who think that they can do anything they want, call it playing in character and then say that everyone else has to work around the totally stupid things they do, WITHOUT taking into account their own character's proclivities. Role playing successfully doesn't work that way.
Your guys were lucky that you didn't kill them and bury the bodies where they couldn't be found. In character, of course.

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Subject: Talking about psychopaths in Traveler (and TFT)

Hi Tom,
If it is rpg game related, or even game related, no one will mind.

I like picking descriptive subject lines. It make it easier to skip
those that don't interest people.

I was in a pbem rpg, (using TFT rules) and a couple of new players
were bored with a touchy negotiation with an enemy (representatives
of a crime lord we had been fighting). So they attacked them.

They said that they were just playing in character because they had
the berserk talent.

So I kicked them out of the party. They were so mad that they quit
the campaign.


Warm regards, Rick.
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