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Evil teammates in TFT.

Hi all,
  Long ago I had a party that split along power gamer / role player lines,
3 vs. 3.  It was super intense, nail biting action.  I was so impressed that 
some years later I tried to "nudge" (e.g. railroad) another group into the
same situation.

  Went over like a lead balloon.  

  My feeling is that for interpersonal conflict scenarios to really work, the
conflict has to be organic, generated by the PC's.

  Of course if the other group is a bunch of NPC's, that is fine.  Trashing 
NPC's is what they come to the table for.  ;-D

Warm regards, Rick.

On 2016-10-29, at 4:55 AM, David Bofinger wrote:

> I think the party is a lot less likely to work if the mission is to obtain some item and only the good or evil faction will get it. That's one reason I suggested killing someone as the objective: that way both sides can win.
> Obviously the lack of trust is a disadvantage to the party, but presumably the GM adjusts the obstacles accordingly.
> The point is the problem can be mitigated to some extent by doing things the GM didn't do in this case.
> Not that I think it's a terribly good idea. I hate having evil characters in a campaign. But it might be better in a standalone adventure.
> --
> David