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Re: Magic Item creation: Notes D thru H. A +1 charm.

Hi everyone,

One more thought to add on the idea of a cumulative chance of 
an 18 destroying a magic item.

The price of a +1 charm in TFT is REALLY cheap, only $30,000.
A wizard with a +1 Charm is immune to losing an item.  ALL 
wizards who want to enchant items should buy one as soon as

Wizards charge a premium of about double what the risk is to
pay for these failures.  A charm simply makes rolls of 16 
successes (improving your weekly profits) and makes 18's into
a loss of a weeks work.  A +1 charm would pay itself off in a 
very short time.

Not sure if that is what you want, but charms have a big effect
on the profitability of creating potions and magic items in TFT.

(In my campaign, I increased ten fold the price of +1 and +2 
Charms.   This has made them much rarer, but PC's still buy
them eventually.)

Warm regards, Rick.