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The Last Dungeon

The Last dungeon, was in the Hobbit holes. 

The players must have spent ten or twelve characters each trying to even get into this place. I mean entire groups of them were wiped out. 

At first they found these nice little dry holes high up the crater face. The place was abandoned. This was long after the chaos wars. They didn't find anything except abandoned holes until they closely examined the chimney. 

The chimneys went really far down, like a hundred meters straight down. At the bottom, held in the room by two (five wizard locked, triple bared) iron doors, was a hundred strength fire elemental. This thing's job was to burn anyone who tried to get into the room via the chimney. 

The characters didn't stand a chance. They kept making new teams and nothing seemed to work. 

> Wait, how did they do it? 

That's right. They couldn't get ocean or lake water up to that altitude easily. A water molotov doesn't do nearly enough damage. 

> Wait how did they do it? 

The purchase of scrolls.  Lots of scrolls.  Magic rainstorm scrolls. They filled the chimney with magic rain storms. Ran him down and rained him out. 

The doors were almost impossible to open. They went back to town for some universal solvent. 

When they got back the next day there was another hundred strength fire elemental waiting for them. This one waited in ambush. They had to make another entirely new party. 

Anyway. So they finally get through one of the iron doors. On the other side is a long dark hallway with rows of hobbit archers who can see in the dark. 

There were two archers in each megahex from the seventh on to the fourteenth megahex. They had to make new characters. 

The reason the hobbits could see in the dark is they were monsters. They had a third eye in their foreheads . . .

[narrator touches forehead] 

. . . that gave them mage sight. Even reverse missiles wasn't effective enough. The hobbits had swords, and there seemed to be hundreds of them. 

When their next group of characters found the stairs they went up. Upstairs was worse. There were rows upon rows of hobbit wizards who would cast one hex fire and retreat. They could fill a hallway with fire so deep that no one could get through. They seemed to be able to maintain the fire indefinitely. There must have been hundreds of them. 

They were lead by a hobbit strategist with an 18 DX who had them four to a megahex. The first two megahexes would cast eight total fires (in case one of the hobbit wizards failed their DX roll and a hex be missed). 

Next turn they retreat, and the next two megahexes do the same. After filling the entire hallway they would retreat around the corner and take turns being aided by the rest of them. Once again the players had to make new characters.

 Downstairs was even worse: caves filled with hundreds of 'Jumping Jackals'. These large biped jackal looking things could teleport at will during the renew spells phase. This is a devastating tactical advantage. Unlike regular old demon movement they could teleport before movement and still move. There were caves and caves of these things centered aound the bottom of some huge pit that just went up and up for ever. 

The players made new characters after new characters until, finally, they made a break through.

part 2 to follow ...

David Michael Grouchy II