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Re: Magic Item creation: Notes D thru H. What? What???

> Jeffrey Vandine 
> DMGII:  you said "cost of publicity" at the end below.
> What are you thinking of there?  I'm not sure what
> that means.  Can you explain?

Status.  I am thinking of status.  As described in ITL under the Wizards guild.  This quote in particular.

"The Guild is an extremely political organization. Wizards are usually very status-conscious, and any Guild chapter will be a hotbed of intrigue."

 - ITL page 29

Conversely the Mechanitions guild is verboten, suppressed, and keeps secrets.  But in the beginning of Advanced Wizard Steve Jackson describes the wizards of cidri as being similar to engineers in our world.

So I interpret status-conscious + politics = publicity.  Something like a commission to enchant the Mithril Armor of the Dwarves God should come with a lot of announcements, messages to other chapters, requests for more wizards to help, a few ceremonial feasts, and possibly even some public games.

That is just my interpretation though. I may have gone too far.  In my own campaigns there is a close relationship between all enchantments (even a +1 dagger) and the community that produces it.  I'll post a story of one such session, among many, where I have "blown the players minds".  But enough of my humble-brag.

Thanks for reading anyway!

David Michael Grouchy II