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Re: The Last Dungeon

I feel ya man.  I improvised the dream sequences on the spot when I felt the whole thing slipping away.  Pulling one player into another room and giving them secret information changed the dynamic just enough.  But Becky almost didn't pull it off.  I'm proud of her, and her play.

David Michael Grouchy II

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I ran a game for a while that was going well enough until one day we started a new thread. I told the players that there was great reward in the basement of a prince’s keep. To get at it they would have to get deep in the basement/bowels of the compound. The best way, hinted to them by an old fighter in a tavern, was to get arrested and fight your way out. They took to that like a fly to… well, they liked it. So off they went. When the guards arrested the for trespassing, they fought, against a better group of opponents, and lost. They got arrested. They all looked at me and said this was no fun. They just wanted to kill everything in sight. Never played with those guys again.

So, all the carefully planned escape possibilities were wasted.