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Re: Magic Item creation: Notes D thru H. Guilds for magic

Hi Jeff, everyone.
  I agree with everything you say about guilds, but my point was simpler.

  In Cannon TFT, a monolithic guild maintained a pool of apprentices 
and a wizard who was in good standing, could easily borrow appr. out
of this pool at need.  This convenience was part of what the wizard was
paying the wizard's guild for, after all.

  However, if you have competing schools, the pools in (many) large 
cities are smaller because the apprentices are split between more 
schools.  In small cities or towns, there simply might not be enough 
apprentices in the pool.

  And if you DON'T have access to an externally maintained pool of
apprentices, then long projects require less hiring and firing of 
apprentices than short duration ones.  This makes long projects more
convenient than short ones, which is the opposite of what notes D thru
H say.

 If you want to say, "wiz guilds are not monolithic", then fair enough.  But
all I meant by monolithic in THIS argument, is they maintained a pool
of apprentices as described in the rules.


  Anyway, the question is resolved to my satisfaction.  I am dumping the
notes, and raising the cost of long duration enchantments based on the
chance of a failure destroying the item during construction.  The wizard
has to pay for the disaster, so he charges more on long projects to pay
for those eventual disasters.

  I am totally getting rid of the idea of "value of underlying item" except
that the wizard's guild has to pay for security of expensive items.  They
do this by charging more, paying from their own pocket, or refusing to
enchant items worth a fortune.  

  Warm regards, Rick

On 2016-11-05, at 9:44 AM, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:

Rick, honestly, I never envisioned the Wizard's Guild as being monolithic, ...