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TFT, WhiteBox D&D, Pathfinder, Virtual Tables

Three of these things,
belong together. 
Three of these things,
are kindda the same.
But one of these things,
doesn't belong here.
Now it's time to play Our game.
It's time to play Our game.

Right, I'm WAY in the weeds busy with real-world yada yada yada, politics.
Nuff said about THAT.
Had some additional blah blah blah, death in the family.
(a K or 2 of wordsalad excuse, excuse, por Moi, excuse)
So, long story short haven't read any of this since the middle of the hotmess I left it in.
That should address the status of any precarious shoe placements and the potential for any entropy evening out in the course of the near future but seeing a Philosophy of TFT heading here is so spot on to where I'm at in picking the threads back up and s'plaining Myself that I can't help but throw in My two cents all in here leaving Me negative sense which is common considering Me actually but don't do that as it's a time sink, seriously.
Anyway here goes.

It's TFT compared to HERO System Champions/GURPS nie?
I shall continue to say nie to this until it's agreed.

So that.

Then there's this bit with a side note noticing that if complex subjects are represented as Onions rather than Oger's then the analogy is pushed furthurer to equate the creative process to cooking then deconstructing a subject could be something like chopping the onion and mixed metaphor something something whatever. My point is its the deconstruction that does the damage as far as the creative process screws up the subjective experience of creators which who cares really about that but more objectively this leaves Me knowing this bit is from a deeper bit of the onion than the skin but not quite sure just how deep it is seeing as right now I've got a pile of chopped onion and didn't individually label each one because duh so I've no way to know for sure what layer this bit fits and that's at least a disclaimer that what's being pointed at with this has a more objective basis in a fundamental sense but I didn't say I was mincing did I? Which reminds Me...
Damnit too much salt.
Anyway in the whole TFT Philosophy thing did anyone mention solo Play?
Which reminds Me it's probably more correct to say three of these things 'should' go together but I'm not sure I dig this having to locate Waldo as well as hide the son of a bitch not to mention facial recognition has been Deep Blue'd and while I may not be a big Carnivore when it comes to keeping up with digital security and tor offshoots like OCR or encryption but even My dumb arse knows it's not always kosher to speak plainly publicly these days. Did You know Ray Bradbury was investigated by the fbi back in the day WAY before homeland security? And I mean back when it was run by a drag queen that had that Norma Jean quieted in public press like one of fdr's wheelchairs back in tammny hall by maintaining  a blackmail organization like the clothing shop which in effect ended up covering the principality of dc completely and, like Ray, notable figures nationally and to lesser extent Worldwide and was effective as evidenced by the lack of pepper pot association to this day with an agency this komey (Sp? c? Idk, even pronounced it wrong apparently as I thought it was coh as in company but it's obviously pronounced keh as in stupid politicized F-tard so extremely careless in his cover ups he's left himself and the entire department open to quite obvious gross negligence charges in the least and has allowed a strong case for the agency's abolishment to be made in counterpoint to its conduct not too mention straight up treason I THINK although that's obviously not given phoneticly) and predecessors this century have allowed the agency's functions to become a politicized pay to play service/mob style insurence racketeering brown shirt blac bloc mercenary with political authority as well as a host of associated support agencies, a range of commercial businesses, financial interests including hedge fund and investment groups and venture capital and other more speculative operations as well as the bloat allowed by the government funding of much of this structure with much of the black ops economically more of a grey considering the amounts of indirect funding funneled to 'em but that's a bunch of "Unit" stuff not wishes, or solo play which seems pretty objective to Me but I guess it's just a GM call like flipping a coin if the coin were a deck of cards and flipping meant cards not coins and the flipping of cards was because the formal system was solitaire and also the dealer is cheating therefore every game He wins and also also he provides a narrative during play to shape the way he sees the play working out in an exciting interesting suspenseful way in his imagination although he's done this enough to have a more refined sense of the cardplay and can be flexible enough in the narrative to allow particularly rare or otherwise interesting situations to play out rather than rifle the deck for a particular card playing along the planed path and as far as I'm concerned if that's what floats his boat and that's good enough to go until who knows when the band'll break up but still some several years or such this is fine for now state which is being inflicted upon the hobby community because taste and anyone involved is consenting adults then I suppose I best seek legal advice to from My public opinion as to the clothing optional issue here and if I can taylor some of it into the virtual emperor stuff but all pretence aside it's Illuminati for power structures like it's Car Wars for vehicles/encumbrances/engines/1ST=5.5lbs per ft per sec=1/100hp or LoU for sqd,plt,cmp CRT's with TFT technically CRT resolution @5sec Turn except individual gets chunked in the gearbox but on the flipside We've got Oger and yada yada obvious specifically the Metagame catalogue although I admit what You get for combining game genres with a common scale is quite different from TFT but then again I could argue TFT technically canonized in utero ergo I intergo integratie'd the god damn thing which I'm WELL aware is subject to subjective criticism and how a rose by any other name is someone else's fart not to mention art which as I may have mentioned is why I ended up blazing a trail off the path less taken heading to the field this kind of thing inevitably brings one to what so as to do the whole tits up with one ear and a sacking chest wound as is the Muse's wont in such matters and I'm talking theory as it pertains to TFT not the logarithmic scale found in sunflowers using MEGS mechanics instead using TFT as the zero point to jump from in extending a common scale through to different game systems aka formal systems properly in theory although the entertainment issue looms large here & IMHO brain function imaging will do for the enjoyment state what microelectronic devices as featured in programs like Sports Science did for hard data in application to character statistics mechanics and questions like how empathicly objective might a state of enjoyment map across brains in general how clearly and effectively such a pattern can be communicated from one brain to another and what communicative tools are best at accomplishing this but currently are significantly furthurer along objectively toward providing firm answers for such questions than SJ et al were to hard data for ST DX IQ formulation which has implications unless of course 1pt IQ is relative to nothing in which case it's not very communicative now is It? That'd be as useful an argument against a closer consideration of character statistics from an objective view to the overall community as using judgement call as catchall that's as objectively useful as the orifices such shart is excreted into discourse as the kind of contribution that builds on the conversation by closing the issue by playing the GM because I said so card pointing either to an unknown element addressed with input gleened from nether regions rather than from reason if not outright highjacking the gameplay subjectively trumping objective resolution in service of some personal narrative which is a pernicious enough concept in gaming generally to become enshrined in the hobby as industry mirroring the present something as something else mentality resulting in including making the illusion of choice a thing in game design. Business says game design is how to pandor to some segment of the market because cheating at solitaire in the buff is hot and that's where the money is which is how one ends up pulling a reverse Nintendo printing out flappy cards to make a living which is perfectly fine really but gaming's place in all of it is really just grist for the mill here but motives are rarely so cut and dry and there's a whole other side to this if I'm injected into it because ... well, THIS quite frankly which is part of the problem and talk about irony of irony's I nova I make things worse by playing terrible parable double entendre where's Waldo find Me games with the wordsalad I shart Myself and being the eldest of My siblings I lacked a big brother to teach Me some of the things I've had to work out for My self god help Me it's a changing climate We find Ourselves in but I've already said enough about that but it's the atmosphere that's been generated that is so directly related to obliquely ranting about clarity it's elementally heavy and to say more than enough this is more than theoretical on a personal level but it's tu quoque to say shared imagination doesn't require clear communication and words much less words used in the traditional sense are not the only tools available for facilitating this aspect of table top gaming specifically but also generally to the extent that the cultural narrative can be shaped by the similar treatment of the meaning carried by the terminology and who has access to the because I said so because suppressing "fake news" SOUNDS good assuming fake news means what I assume it means... Anyway as far as judgement calls dealing with defined terms go I use another SJ game system as framework for the objective play involved as I see things and that's Toon. Of course I allow that all Players are allowed to GM and all GM's are allowed to play which brings Me back to solo play I think so there's that as far as the structure of My rants go for anybody who actually managed to make it to this point. Make of it what You will but tldr thumbs down comments... I mean seriously I'M the one supposed to be coming off silly there? ... yeah actually bad analogy I'm doing too many things at once as usual but it's principally the same idea here which is saying You can criticize whatever You please as far as I'm concerned and believe it or not but I'm pretty sure that because of what I'm trying to accomplish with this I'm not gonna actively burn bridges over butt hurt reading of particular wording however tit for tat is basic survival and best check definitions before talking $#!^ about My Mother for instance. I try to further gaming as a community of fellow hobbiests and as out there as I can be about what boils down to universal simulators ergo everything making Me wide open for criticism but instead... well shut up because opinion is a speech issue quite apart from gaming altogether and lobbying for censoring based on the same is trying to pissed on My head claiming rain and makes Me wonder just how effective I'm getting as it is such an unreasonable response it begs the question of shilling but that seems silly several ways of looking at it otherwise unless it's some deal with notification and post frequency I'm supposed to sus out would happen meaning I made the thing beep too much on purpose so off with His head or something I didn't bone up on the source material reason but whatever the reason the only exclusions I consider necessary are those showing an agenda indicating a divisive or otherwise plainly unconstructive course as community policy. Judean Peoples Front... SPLITTER!
Oy, screed on tablet leave Jay touch screen editing essentially meaning send delete and I still think I can be brief for some reason so unabridged it is I guess... not that it matters but yes.


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